The Varieties of Foam

Not all foam is created equal.It is important to choose the correct type of spray foam product for your specific needs, Consider this information when estimating your project:



  • 2# Closed Cell Foam Insulation

    Closed cell Foam has a built in vapor barrier as well as the air barrier that is supplied via 1/2# open cell.  It is less porous than it's 1/2# counterpart, making it impenetrable to moisture/condensation/vapors that attack Wisconsin weathered homes.  Best applied at a minimum of 2" thick to 4", for most projects.  We offer this product in spray and pour-in applications.


1/2# Open Cell Foam Insulation

Used a bit less often in Wisconsin for weather related insulating, 1/2# foam is very useful for soundproofing applications.  It is less expensive compared to 2# foam, but it does not have a vapor barrier which is very necessary in our climate when insulating against the outdoor elements.  We offer this product for interior walls and ceilings/floors needing soundproofing, in spray and pour-in applications, generally up to 6" thick.


3# (or heavier) Cell Foam Insulation

Heavier weight foams are chosen for projects such as flat roofs and concrete lifting.  On a roof this is important for walking on the product after installation


At Rock Rock Company, we utilize the "greenest" setup available - less waste, lower VOC's (although a higher VOC 'commercial grade' is available - depending on your specific installation needs).  Our surfaces are set and dry within seconds.  We are proud to be as cost effective for our customers as possible and strive for customer satisfaction.

Carrie Van Ornum